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      They also have a cute movie called The Spitfire Grill that they start a contest like this to sell a restaurant with a house attached. If I had $100 to dispose of just like that, I would.


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      From: ro so
      Date: 06/23/08 17:26:22
      Subject: Re: : OT: Would you enter?

      Several years ago, I remember a contest like this. The people wanted to sell their house but wanted to go to someone who would appreciate the house (or something like that) and took essays on why you would want the house. If I remember correctly they accepted the amount of essays that was equivalent to the amount of the house. They also charged the $100 entry fee. There should be a story about it some where on the internet as I remember they had a picture of the winner.


      Liss wrote:

      Posing an off topic question here- would you enter an essay contest (with an entry fee of $100.) to take a chance on winning a 3 Br Cape House on a couple acres with a garage, (in move-in condition)?

      The odds at most would be 1 in 1,500 chance of winning.

      Just Wondering,


      Like contests–check out and see how it easy it is to win.

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