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      I got a Pro Form treadmill several years ago that I still use today. At the

      time, I got it from QVC, and I think they still sell them. Search http://www.qvc.com

      The people delivered it and brought it inside our home, which was great. Mine

      has a built in fan, which I love and the walking poles too. Newer models even

      have built in t.v.’s, but I don’t see the point for my own use, since it is in

      our family room, where I can watch t.v. and exercise at the same time. Another

      thing I love about mine is that it folds up when I am not using it.

      I know that I did not pay anywhere near $1000 for it.

      I think http://www.hsn.com sells them as well. Esp this time of year, when New Years

      resolutions kick in.


      Monica <mommyof2gals@comcast.net> wrote:

      Hey! I am planning to buy a treadmill this week to get rid of my

      healthclub costs.

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