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      OMG Dawn. I am so sorry that this happened to you. I am glad that you are ok. I will definatly be more aware. Dee

      Dawn Rhodes wrote:
      I know this
      email is Off Topic. But I feel it is very important to share with other women. What happened to me today, could happen to someone else. PLEASE READ!!

      I really got scared today, while I was out shopping. I want to remind everyone to BE AWARE of your surroundings!!!

      I went to the Dollar Tree. On my way crossing the lane to the store, there were several men on the sidewalk. They were walking away from the store. They started looking and yelling. I went on inside the store, didn’t really think anymore of it.

      After a few minutes ofshopping, I noticed this man in the store. He was looking at me with a dead stare. I thought it was one of the men from the street. (but wasn’t) No smile, no emotion, etc. I went on about my shopping. Then I couldn’t help but notice, everywhere I went in the store, he was within a few feet of me. Not
      picking up any items, no cart or anything. After a few minutes I was feeling creeped out. I textd my hubby, ” I’m going to call you, go along with what I say.” . So I called him, made sure I was in hearing distance of the man and was talking about hubby meeting me in like 10 minutes for lunch. He was going to come to the store and we would go to lunch from there. I was thinking the man would hear this and bug off. He didn’t seem to care at all.

      I textd my hubby back and told him what was going on. He said he was on his way to the store from work. (works close but got into lunch traffic) I stayed toward the back of the store, browsing. After awhile, I didn’t see the man, so I thought he left. I walked to the front of the store…. there he was. Just standing, watching me. I thought of telling an employee, but what was I going to say a man is looking at me??? So, I went toward the back of the store and tried to stay around other customers. My hubby got to the
      store. We couldn’t find the man anywhere. SO, we thought he had left. Hubby took some bags on to the car while I paid. When I came out of the store, hubby was standing beside the car. He asked me to look at a white car in the parking lot, was that the guy? YES it was! By himself, sitting almost directly in front of my car. His window was down and he was alone. Time total by now, was a little over an hour from the time this began. NOW I am really creeped!

      I got into the car, hubby followed me in his truck to another shopping center, near that shopping center. I was going into Ross, I had a return. So hubby went on back to work and I went in the store. Stood in line about 20 minutes. Then browsed the store, about 30-35 minutes total. Before I left the store, I had my cell phone in one hand and my keys in the other. I looked through the parking lot……… HE WAS IN THAT PARKING LOT!! I immediately called hubby, told him and told him to stay on the phone until
      I was in my car. THE MAN started to pull off from his parking space. I got in the car, locked my doors, backed out and was leaving the parking lot. I passed a police car. I believe the man saw the police car coming and that is the reason he pulled off. I was almost in tears by this point. Thinking….. it wasn’t all in my head that a man was watching me. HE REALLY WAS!

      I thought back…… had it NOT been for the men on the street yelling at me, I might not have been as aware of others today. I might not have noticed that man watching me. It could have ended very badly. We have been having a lot of rapes in our area. (found out after we got back from vacation a few days ago)

      After thinking about how things were playing out.. this is my theory.

      I thought about how he was parked both times. He was parked where he could just pull out of the space. He didn’t have to back out.

      I think, the man was waiting on me to
      leave the store. He was going to walk out with me and “get me” on the way to my car. (pull a knife or gun to get me to go with him, possibly) Why else would he stay in the store?

      So PLEASEEEEEEE be aware of those around you, even in the MIDDLE of the day in a store!! Often we don’t think to be aware until we are IN the parking lot!

      I thank God that I am ok and nothing happened to me. My prayer is that he didn’t find someone else and hurt them today.

      DawnRhodes Email:justascrapin@hotmail.com

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List OT- PLEASE READ- BE AWARE of your surroundings!!