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      check out the program 'semi home made' she has a white kitchen and just changes the assories for each show ..

      spring bring in hearts in various shades of reds and pinks

      with the red & white its easy to add in some dark blues for the summer and have a R/W/B Americana style

      or add in light and dark greens and go with strawberries or watermelon

      for fall bring in apple assesories

      winter bring in dark hunter greens and white lace ..

      Ria in Maine

      On 12/11/07, kaynjoy[/b] <kaynjoy@yahoo.com> wrote:

      I just painted my kitchen bright white with bright red accents (baseboard, molding, cover
      plates). I'm not sure I like it as it might be too white. My husband says our kitchen now
      looks sterile and not warm and inviting.

      I want to keep the red accents – any suggestions on

      what color to paint the walls? We usually get a a Home Depot gift card for the holidays and I
      figure I'll use it for new paint. Thanks in advance.

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