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      I have a quickie question for someone who still has some Halloween candy lying around… Can someone PLEASE PLEASE Tell me how many Candy Corns are in 1 Tablespoon??


      I know this isn’t a freebie post, but I gotta know right away!

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      I would help but my kids didnt even get any candy corn this year come to think about it !!

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      You can get 8 candy corns in one tablespoon 🙂

      So what you looking inside my house again and seen me taking down the halloween decorations and finally putting the candy corn in the kids snack area, LOL

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      LOL, Thanks so much kim. I had to pick the oldest up from a field trip excursion.

      I figured the volume, then converted it to cubic units (by Tablespoon) which = 5745.038961038961 x’s the number of candy corns per tablespoon = 40,215.

      Taking into account that my kids received el-cheapo nasty candy corn which are bigger/fatter than delectable Jelly Belly Candy Corn(s) (which is what they filled the case with!)

      Oh yeah, and also taking into consideration that I absolutely SUCK at math.

      Lately I’ve been addicted to entering contests.

      Thank you for your help!

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      I would SAY that probably 4-6 would do it. BUT, a handful would be more to my liking (celebrate the season!!!!) :-D.

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Board Rules & Regs Tech Support OT: Need Help! Candy Corn Question ASAP