OT: Monday 3/12

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      Good morning everyone. It’s going to warm up so nicely today, I can’t wait.

      Well yesterday was a busy day for us, we had church,a wonderful

      message,btw,then we went to the track so we could work with the boys,one of


      friends that’s one of his relay partners came too so they practice hand offs


      stuff and we timed then in sprints. Then we headed off to get the boys’ track

      shoes,had some dinner and came home. I was so drained, I think it’s the time

      change thing, I’m still adjusting to it. I dunno.

      Last night Jason and I had a talk,he had to break up with his girlfriend and

      his heart is just broken. He cried in my arms and all I could do was hold

      him and wish I could make it all better for him. Her dad doesn’t want her with

      anyone, he decides this after over a year they have been together. OK. I’m

      so sad for him. I think that is one part of being a mother that I wish I

      could take on for them so they wouldn’t have to hurt,but I know that is part of

      growing. He came and talked to me some more last night and I let him know

      that if he needs to talk anytime that I’m there for him. I keep thinking I


      2 more to go through this with and more to go with this one. I told him last

      night that his heart will break 1000 times before he finds the one God wants

      him to be with. Then last night I prayed for him. We will see how today

      goes for him. (https://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb001_ZJxdm035LYUS)


      My plans for today are to….

      Get my cleaning done asap

      head to the track as soon as I finish up here

      come home shower and get ready to head out to the store

      come home and finish up what is not done

      and I need to bake bread but dont’ think that’s going to fit in so it’s on

      tomorrow’s to do list.

      Dinner tonight will be BBQ lil smokey’s, homemade mac & cheese,salad.

      What’s your plans for today? What’s on your menu for this evening?



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