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      I’d also like to point out that 30-40 years ago, kids who had

      problems were not diagnosed. If a child was hyperactive, or had

      adhd, they were considered a problem child. It wasn’t until the 80’s

      that kids were starting to more regularly get diagnosed- but that

      doesn’t mean the problem popped up in the 80’s.

      It’s like cancer. People born in the 1800 had cancer. But it wasn’t

      something covered by medical advancements at the time.

      Autism is something that has been around for a lot longer than it

      was diagnosed. Children born 40 years ago with severe autism were

      usually institutionalized for having severe mental disabilities.

      They were not diffirentiated from children with other mental

      disabilities. The first formal diagnosis was in the 40’s, but even

      then, it was very rare, and not understood at all.

      Through the 60’s, children with autism were routinly diagnosed as

      schizophrenic. In the mid to late 60’s, it was finally recognized as

      it’s own problem, and treatments and symptoms were starting to be


      But it was a stigma. The same as children 10 years ago with ADD or

      ADHD- it wasn’t “cool” to have a child with Autism or ADD or

      Schizophrenia, or anything else. Through the late 70’s, many of

      these children were still institionalized.

      The advances in medicine, and the advancement in how tolerant we are

      of mental disabilities over the past 10-15 years is what has made it

      more acceptable and easy to be diagnosed with mental disabilities.

      It’s not a toy problem, but a society problem that lead us to having

      more children diagnosed with Autism in recent years.

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Liss” wrote:


      > >>I read that 85% of American toys are made in China. A boycott

      would ruin a

      > lot of Christmas dreams this

      > year! Best to boycott by looking–really hard–for American made

      toys<< >


      > Yes, I’ve read various statistics that range from 70-80% of toys

      are made

      > in China. I’ve also read that more than 3/4’s of the Consumers in

      the US are

      > no longer willing to put up with inferior, dangerous toys and will


      > boycotting :


      > https://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21344461/


      > I’ve been thinking back, (my kids are tweens) at all those toys

      that my kids

      > have played with over the years and I can’t help but think of the


      > HUGE numbers of Autistic Children in this country and wonder if

      there is a

      > Correlation between the two.


      > Just how many years have our Children been exposed to such high

      levels of

      > lead and other toxic chemicals?


      > As I said, my children are now tweens, and thankfully, when they

      were much

      > younger, since we were broke most of the time, I couldn’t afford

      to buy them

      > the latest and greatest new toy that was out- what a blessing in



      > What I wonder now is, will this prompt companies like Mattel,

      Lego, and

      > others to resume toy production in the US once again, like they

      used to…

      > Imagine the boost to the Economy!


      > For Those that Would like to purchase toys made in the USA, here

      are some

      > additional resources:



      > *


      > https://www.madeinusa.org/nav.cgi?data/toys&#038;

      > *


      > https://www.howtobuyamerican.com/bamw/bamw-051112-toys.shtml

      > *


      > http://www.USMadeToys.com

      > *


      > <https://www.cubbyholetoys.com> http://www.cubbyholetoys.com

      > *


      > http://www.montgomeryschoolhouse.com

      > *


      > https://www.americanplastictoys.com/

      > *


      > 400+ American Made Toys:

      > https://www.fatbraintoys.com/specials/made_in_america.cfm?


      > <https://www.fatbraintoys.com/specials/made_in_america.cfm?


      > =made+in+america&gclid=CPWe6rjM0o8CFTaEOAodVSt4-w>

      > &kwid=made+in+america&gclid=CPWe6rjM0o8CFTaEOAodVSt4-w – I Really


      > Like this one, they have some super-cool Stuff here! Fatbrain toys-


      > cute name.



      > ~Liss


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