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      How right you are! Not to mention how wide scale a boycott would

      have to be at Christmas to ensure that it actually hurts the

      companies. This is the time of year when people are willing to spend

      more money on toys than normal, so a boycott would have to be huge

      to make a visable dent.

      My goal this year, is to buy items that haven’t been touched by a

      recall. For instance, so many Thomas & Deigo/Dora items have been

      recalled that I refuse to buy anything from either line, whether

      they have been dubbed as safe or not.

      We’re not having a big toy Christmas, even after all the watching I

      am doing. I have 1 site I visit where I earn free Borders Books gift

      cards. The kids are each getting a $10 Borders card, plus I’ve

      gotten them each about $20 in books already. On top of that, I am

      sitting on another $140 in GC’s to there, and am planning a road

      trip to the big Borders 50 minutes away. I want to get them each 1

      movie, and more books.

      The kids are getting the things I get them every year- a new set of

      pj’s, a new outfit, some books, a movie, and some toy items. I’m

      just being very diligent in what I’m willing to buy. It’s hard to

      ensure that your child will be safe 100% of the time. We all do what

      we can.

      I foresee the widespread money loss by way of recalled items to be a

      wakeup call for toy companies. Many don’t know specifically what IS

      put into the toys, but it’s more of a “Don’t ask, don’t tell”

      policy. They approve the cost cutting without knowing what all it


      What this means for us as parents, though, is hopefully safer toys,

      as well as higher prices.

      For years, people have wanted lower costs in the face of rising

      costs. When the cost of fuel, parts, and labor are on the rise,

      cheaper alternatives are how we got our cheaper prices.

      It isn’t just the fault of the toy companies. If parents were

      willing to pay more expensive prices for items, they wouldn’t have

      gone to drastic measures to get the prices as low as possible.

      I’m not saying it’s our fault as parents, but we certainly don’t

      help matters. This is the cost of getting items at the price we


      I have a feeling that in the upcoming year, the toy shelves will be

      more empty, the government will start testing imports more

      thouroughly, the cost of toys will rise dramatically, and quite

      possible, the economy will see new jobs as some companies bring

      production back home. After all, the safety issues, and the people

      who ARE willing to boycott all things Chinese made, will cause a hit

      in income. The recalls themselves will cost the companies the most

      in billions of lost revenue and product.

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, Herlean wrote:


      > Boycotting is fine, but it is really difficult to find toys that

      are not made in China. I know you can find some made in Italy and

      Germany, but they are quite pricey.


      > The US manufacturers hired the Chinese to make the toys for

      them, or contracted them to do so.


      > Just be careful with what you give your child to play with.

      Keep an eye out for recalls.


      > If you try to boycott all products made overseas, it will be

      really difficult. Look at your electronics. Check the labels of

      your clothes. How many are made in USA of USA materials????


      > Herlean


      > Liss wrote:

      > Do you think the people of the US ought to Boycott Toys

      made in China?


      > After the 10’s of Millions of toys this year that have been

      recalled from china- would you Boycott toys made there?





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