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      I agree and I do send them out, but I know with my husband having been a truck driver there are times I forget and get busy with my three boys, and I don’t get upset when I don’t get one. In the case of the person who is too self absorbed, then it’s what I consider a live and learn thing. I’ll just know for next time, sometimes I still send a card or something small, but I know what I’m dealing with.

      I figure their bad manners is just that, theirs, and not my problem and don’t let it upset me. I don’t make my kids send them, I ask them once each year to do it, if they don’t and I get calls about it I tell the truth. They couldn’t be bothered and let the caller know I sympathize completely.

      They have
      received fewer gifts over the years, and I’ve asked them what they expected. They do usually at least make a special call to say thank you, and for me personally I prefer that. I like hearing a persons voice.

      I wasn’t saying don’t do it. I was just saying it shouldn’t be mandatory, and not to have hurt feelings over something as little as a card and to let the chips fall where they may in their relationships. Life is too short.


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      I agree that it should be a nice sentiment to send a thank you. I

      always take circumstances into consideration as well. For instance,

      this young man is about to head off to basic training. That is thanks

      enough for what he is giving of himself.

      On the other hand, I just sent a graduation card with money to my

      graduating family member. I was informed by my grandmother that this

      person will not be sending out thank you’s as she is too self-centered

      and busy with her social life this summer. That disgusts me!

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      > At 07:18 AM 6/27/2008, you wrote:

      > >My son is leaving for Army Reserves basic training on Tuesday. He

      > >has yet to do thank you notes for the gifts he received for

      > >graduating high school. Would it be ok if I have him sign the cards

      > >and I write in the actual notes to each person? The notes would

      > >never get done otherwise.

      > Does he ever sit and watch tv? If so, set the cards, envelopes, ink

      > pen, everything he needs in a small container and have it by where he

      > watches tv. Tell him it sure would be nice if he could get the cards

      > done during commercial time. I know I get a lot of stuff done around

      > here during commercial time. 🙂


      > Ann in Arkansas

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