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      I was reading this very supportive post from Teresa, when something hit me as
      odd… When my Grandmother was a girl, her “friends” were just the people in
      her town, or the people who lived on her street. When my mom was a girl it was
      the people in her town and maybe a few in a neighboring town. When *I* was a
      girl, I had penpals from around the state / nation some were friends, some were
      just penpals… But, here I sit… 30 years old and my FRIENDS are GLOBAL. I
      have friends on my street, in my city, in my state, in my nation and at least
      one in just about EVERY nation in the WORLD. Isn’t that just amazing???

      I can share budgeting information with my next door neighbor… Then come in
      here and in less than FIVE MINUTES also share budgeting information with Teresa
      in Texas, or my friend Isabel in England, or my friend Shiloah in Germany or
      Kenny in Australia! We are living in truely a wonderful time.

      Just a kind of off topic thought from me…. your local babbler.

      Emily Y.

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      I think it is because we feel hurt when we feel our friends are against us
      not with us and understanding.

      Prayers, Friendship, Hugs & Love,
      Teresa in Texas

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