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      I don’t think it’s just the fat in fast food that is addicting. It is very
      hard to find fast food without a lot of carbs too. I’ve been on a high
      protein diet since November (it’s not super low in carbs, but I only get two
      servings of starch a day) and let me tell you a few times I’ve “gone off the
      wagon” and I actually get headaches when I go back on because I have “carb
      withdrawal”. I learned that insulin in your blood stream is what makes you
      crave carbs (that and carbs cause you to produce seratonin, which gives you
      a feeling of well being, if you know any CRANKY people on the Atkins diet)
      but one regular size candy bar can actually raise your blood insulin level
      for four days!!!! (No wonder I have trouble stopping at just one)

      I have a hard time finding any fast food that doesn’t come in a wrap, a bun
      or with a bowl of rice (other than salads, and I swear if I don’t stop
      eating salads I’m going to grow my ears longer and start wiggling my nose).
      I do eat at Subway a lot, but that uses up my starches for the whole day. I
      guess it’s back to the salads *sigh*

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