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      Okay, my kids are young, so I am not in this boat yet. However, when I
      was in high school even into college (when I lived at home), I never
      had a curfew and I never understood the concept. Basically, my mom
      didn’t give me a set time to be home, she just wanted to know exactly
      when I’d be home for the evening and where exactly I was going to be
      on any given evening.

      If I was watching a movie with a friend that
      went a little long, I could just call her and let her know where I was
      and when I’d be home–sometimes it was 2 am, but my parents were okay
      with that because they knew I was safe and when to expect me. That
      way, I was never in trouble. Plus, it built trust between my parents
      and me–they knew I’d always call.

      To this day, if I am running late
      for anything/anywhere, I always call whoever may be waiting on me.

      The kids that I knew who just had a curfew were all over the place and
      in all kinds of trouble–often times their parents didn’t even know

      I plan to work it the way my mom did. I don’t want to tell my
      child “have fun, be home by midnight,” too much partying goes on
      between 9 and midnight, especially in smaller towns where there isn’t
      much for teens to do. I don’t think everything my parents did was the
      right way, but I absolutely believe they had this one right.

      Just thought I’d share a different point of view. Good luck with your
      teens!! I’m sure whatever choice you make will be the right choice fo
      r your family.
      Suburbs of Dallas

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