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      When our girls were home their weekday curfew, during school time, was 10 pm starting when they were about sophomores in high school. Weekends was midnight (Fri, and Sat). BUT, if they were out until midnight on Saturday night and they had any problems getting up or complaining about getting up for church on Sunday, then the next time they wanted to be out on Sat night, curfew was 10 pm.

      It worked too. Most of the time they were home way before curfew. They also had to let us know where and who they were with at all times.
      The only other rule was no R-rated movies and no boys in the house when we weren’t here.

      Lots of times they were on the porch or back deck.

      They all turned out fine and no major problems. haha–they weren’t damaged for life either.

      deb in mo

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