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      my dd is at a private collage and they have a 11:00 curfew. Someone comes inn between 11 to 11:30 pm and checks on them. If they are not in their room they pay $5.00 penalty.

      Saturday the curfew is 1:00 AM. She is 19 yrs old. If a collage has a curfew than so can I.

      We talked about the curfew when she comes home and she’s not too happy. I also feel that if they have school and or work the next day they have to be in at a decent hour. Also if my kids are out late at night I can’t sleep, that is just the way I am.

      So as a common courtesy to me they need to be inn at a decent time. I also told them that when they are on their own they will have the privilege of staying out as late as they want to. It will cost them their job if they abuse it.

      Some of you are thinking what kind of collage is this. It is SDA. We don’t drink, smoke, wear jewelry etc.

      If you are caught breaking these rules there is a fine for each of them. Oh yes, there is no dish or cable on campas either. My kids do not have a problem since this is how we were raised.


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