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      I had to laugh at this. My 15 y/o daughter has her first boyfriend and I’m
      careful about the time the get to spend alone. I am only allowing group dates
      at this point.

      Megan isn’t the most mature girl and even though Chris seems
      like a very nice boy, I don’t want to make it easy for them to get themselves
      into situations that they aren’t yet equipted to handle.

      They went ice skating with a crowd on Friday night. Megan wanted to sleep over
      her friends house. I wasn’t comfortable knowing she was with her bf, then
      sleeping away from home.

      So, she was allowed to go but only if she came
      straight home from skating. It ended at 10, I gave her a 10:30 curfew, figuring
      she’ll need a few minutes to get her shoes on, etc. Her friend Stephanie’s dad
      is a police detective and picked the group up in his police cruiser lol.

      her straight home and her boyfriend was taken straight home lol. megan loved
      the ride, but i’m wondering what the neighbors are thinking lol.

      donna nj

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