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      my parents never set a curfew either just wanted me to check in and make sure i was safe. my friends and i weren’t big drinkers in hs — we drank some in college but evem then never drank and drove.

      i knew if we were drinking we could call my dad and he would come get us and bring us all home whether it was to my parent’s house or to everyone’s house and also our parents all knew one another so if something was going on and one parent knew they all knew, and that is how i plan to be as well.

      mind you in hs my dad was still on the police force and picking us up at 2am if/when we had been drinking he would pick me up in uniform in the patrol car……..& my friends as well lol the first time it was embarrassing but after my friends realized he wasn’t there to arrest him it was funny………there were a few heavy boozers that found their way into our relatively “conservative geeky” bunch of friends & we weeded them out using dad ……

      he loved to pick us up by banging on the door of a dark house yelling “raid-police” and seeing how many people ran/hid and who just came to the door and snickered and said “oh hi mr a” or “hi dad” hehehe …… he didn’t care if we drank as long as we didn’t drive or do anything too stupid….as a result we all wound up being pretty good kids overall and responsible adults. one or two hangovers with an overly cheerful & chatty morning person (my dad) cured those ideas for most of my friends who over-indulged the prior night and would stay over at our house.

      in the day and age of cell phones i agree about the phone call policy — call to check in or i am calling that phone!

      some companies also have a gps device built into the phone so you can see where the phone is too……….i think most of verizon cell phones have that feature but i don’t know the cost.


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