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      Don’t get me wrong…we don’t cut her loose and say”see ya at midnight.” We have rules. 1>She must tell us where she will be and who she’ll be with…it is usually a friends house or her boyfriends house, not out carousing the town.

      2>She must answer her cell phone if we should happen to call her (which I’ve done from time to time, just to “test” her). 3> If she is going to be late, she is to call. Example of this happened just a few weeks ago…someone parked behind her at her boyfriends house and when she asked them to move their car, it wouldn’t start, so she called to let us know.

      The group of kids pushed the car out into the street so she could get out…she got home at 12:10 am and did not get in trouble…all because she used her phone and called us…she is learning.


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