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      Basically, my mom
      didn’t give me a set time to be home, she just wanted to know exactly
      when I’d be home for the evening and where exactly I was going to be
      this is what we do with my 17 yr old son…he usually is at a friends house (this kid has a pool table, tvs, video games etc and that is where all the kids seem to congregate) It is only a few blocks from our house but my son has to check in and let us know where he is and what time he will be home. He seems to hang out with kids that don’t get into trouble and drink etc..

      We have never had a problem with him drinking , etc and he is very responsible (straight A student, works a job etc) In fact last night he came home early because some of the kids were going to a party where there would be liquor..so I was proud of him for not even considering it…so this method works for us too…

      also the kids are welcome here too at any time although we don’t have as many cool games etc as some of them do 🙁


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