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      Re: Organizing suggestions needed

      For barretts, take some yarn, and make a thick braid to hang on the
      wall. Then, you just slide the barretts through some of the yarn.

      For Headbands, hang a looped peice of ribbon on the wall, and just
      slide one side of the head band through it. If you have the cloth
      head bands, or big scrunchies, do the same, but use a safety pin to
      loop the ribbon, then just unpin it to pull one off.

      For hair ties, small clips, little claws, etc, keep using the tackle
      box. But the above idea’s should give you some ways to get the
      larger items out of the box.

      I use cookie jars, too. I find those square glass ones with the air
      tight suction lid. One for rubberbands, one for bows or ribbons, one
      for barretts, etc. My older daughter doesn’t let me do anything with
      her hair, but my younger daughter has highly unmanagable hair. We
      have to put it back in pony tails on the side or baretts, or it’s in
      her face.

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