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      My daughter & I (both long hairs!) have one of these in the bathroom … it has 2 shallow drawers & 1 deep one. The 2 shallow drawers have divided areas. Use the top shallow drawer for for my things, she uses the bottom one. The deep drawer is used for other odds & ends.
      Another idea~ I also just bought a covered plastic relish tray for a couple of dollars at Walmart to keep my jewelry & manicure things in, since we have had to seal everything up against bed bugs. It’s fairly deep & has 5 separate areas, & a deep lid, too. The tray could be used for the smaller items, & the lid set upside down to use as a container for the larger headbands.

      Even simpler, can the container you are using be left open on the counter? They may be more inclined to drop things in if they don’t have to go through all of that hard work of opening a lid! LOL!


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