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      You guys, You are not going to believe the breakfast Idea I came across!

      Oreo French Toast with Oreo syrup and Oreo whipped cream 😋

      Oreo French Toast:

      6 slices thick cut bread
      3 eggs
      1/2 cup half & half cream
      1/2 cup ground Oreos (about 10 or so cookies)

      Oreo Whipped Cream:

      2 cups heavy whipping cream
      1/2 cup ground Oreos (about 10 or so cookies)

      Oreo Syrup:

      1 cup powdered sugar
      2 tbsp milk
      1 tsp vanilla extract

      Make the oreo whipped cream first & Chill while you’re making the rest. Just whip the cream until it forms soft peaks and fold in the ground oreos.

      Then Make the oreo Syrup, mix the powdered sugar, milk & vanilla until it forms a thick, but pourable syrup. Add more milk if you need to.

      Then the french toast. Beat the eggs & half and half cream together in a shallow bowl, add the ground oreos, beat to mix. Dip the bread, one slice at a time into the mixture, coating both sides evenly. Fry on a griddle or in a hot skillet (butter it first), until golden brown. french toast takes about 2 minutes on each side.

      Then assemble, french toast, oreo cream, french toast, oreo cream, french toast, oreo cream and oreo syrup over it all!!

      See it in Action with the guy that thought it all up–>

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      Oh my!  I feel the pounds rushing to my hips! LOL!  When I wake up with a sweet tooth, I know what to prepare!

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