Order of Importance?

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      subscribe to Dave Ramsey and Mary Hunt. In the mean time-Save an Emergency

      Fund that would pay the bills for 3-6 months. Then I would start w/ the bill

      that has the highest interest and pay it down.Join a lot of frugal

      sites.Then work on the next highest interest one and pay it down. Freeze the

      credit card. Brown bag work and school lunches.

      It is nice to do 401 K if your employer matches you. Have something (my

      daughter did 2% savings)w/ helt from your check.(credit unions w/ your work

      are nice.)

      Have you cked out 529 savings for college fund? Or U Promise that uses

      points when you shop at certain stores(groceries,etc.) can join on line.

      ck the gov.org for grants.

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      > Is there a general rule of thumb about what debt should be paid off in

      > what order? And where do long-term goals fit in?


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