Order of Importance?

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      Check out Dave Ramsey – he has
      awesome advice on financial matters.

      But to answer your question:

      *You must have shelter so pay the house

      *Autos are also important so pay that one
      (or sell it and get a cheap used one).

      *All other CC debt should be paid in the “snowball”
      method. (You can always call the CC company and ask them to reduce your
      interest rate OR transfer balance to a lower interest card.) List them
      all from lowest to highest balance. Pay all minimums but add extra to “A”;
      when “A” is paid off add the money you had been paying them to “B”
      and continue down the line until all is paid off.

      I wouldn’t start a college fund or
      retirement fund until debt is under control (you have to be able to make it to

      I do recommend putting a little aside for
      an emergency fund (even $10-$20 per paycheck) is a good way to start.

      Is there a general rule of thumb about what debt should be paid off in

      what order? And where do long-term goals fit in?

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