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      If you kept your receipt from when you paid at the post office, it will detail exactly what you paid for (Priority Mail, an envelope, stamps, postage, upgraded shipping, etc.) Herlean

      Colleen McDonald wrote: (the worst internet company on the planet) sent a book without any padding, so finally agreed that i could return it for a refund. however, they only refunded part of my money, and refused to pay for return shipping.

      i therefore finally contacted their bbb and attorney general – whom they told that they refunded the amount i had been charged, and had paid for my free return postage.

      copies of my invoice will prove that they are lying about the amount. but is there any way to prove that i paid for the return
      shipping? i used delivery confirmation, but that doesn’t show anything about how the package was sent.

      would the post office have even given me that with a free postage ticket? in other words, is there any way to prove that i most definitely paid for my own shipping?

      (i want my money back, but also want to make it easier for other innocent customers to keep from getting defrauded.)

      thank you very much for any help you can provide.

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