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      Hi, I too live over a 1 1/2 from the nearest JoAnn Fabric and yes I do
      think the prices are good – some times. You really need to sign up for
      the mailings to get the coupons but they usually have whatever is on
      sale in the store online on sale. I know around Thanksgiving they had
      all the fleece on for 40-50% off, I was making blakets for most everyone
      for Christmas and I ordered all but one peice on line and got 50% off
      (the sale price) and used a free shipping code.

      It was delivered to my
      door so I saved on gas and on time. Money I’m sure because when I go to
      the store I always find “something” else I NEED! I have also ordered
      stamping things online from them and have returned things with no

      I liked being able to look at all the fleece (there was 9
      pages at that time) without the kids or hubby saying hurry up. So I say
      a big yes.
      margie in ne

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