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      one2One Network is made up of a wide array of women from 21 to 70+ years young in various life stages, from first-time mommies to seasoned moms and from career newbies to budding entrepreneurs. The common bond between us all is that we love to discover new products and we love to communicate!

      It doesn’t matter if it’s online, on the phone or good ‘ol face-to-face, One2One Network Members interact with many different people in our daily lives.

      As women, we appreciate the ability to share our opinions about the products and services we believe in, whether it’s with our friends, co-workers or with companies directly.

      When it comes to marketing to women as a consumer group, we hold the opinions of people who share our lifestyles and interests in very high regard.

      Recommendations shared via word of mouth are some of the most powerful and effective forms of marketing.

      Plus, we’re the tastemakers and ‘real-life’ product testers who are usually the ‘go-to’ people in our peer groups for all things new, improved and let’s face it, probably on sale.

      If this sounds like you, find out more about Who We Are, What One2One Network Members Do, How We Do It, Why We Do It , Where We Are and How To Join.

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