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      Morning all…
      I just joined the forums at budget101, and started a blog.

      IF you don't want to go there to read my question…I'm pasting it here:

      SO, Liss, if you're reading, or anyone else for that matter…In October, I have a 3rd paycheck….all of my bills are covered in the first and last check of October….and I've already budgeted my usual $100.00 for gas, from the 3rd one. What is the BEST way for me to use this money??? (This check is also devoid of insurance deductions..which for me, a single plan, is minimal, but still every penny helps)

      I have a medical bill, balance of $122.00
      I owe the town on the water bill, balance of $125.00
      I owe my boss the balance of the firewood money he lent me…$100.00
      I have no money set aside for xmas, considering buying the kids a Wii.
      I am going to need rear brakes, but parts only, my bf and i will do the labor ourselves.

      Thought about paying the rest of the cars ins. for the year…
      Also thought about putting it in savings…to go towards my $1000.00 emergency fund…(I do not trust myself to put it in savings connected to my checkbook, it's TOO easy to use) I was considering giving it to my grandmother to put in her safe, or my parents etc…

      Thanks in advance for your suggestions/input.

      Marie in Vermont (Where we're finally expecting sun this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!)

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