One week till payday…

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      Marie, I am really concerned that you owe your boss money, and have

      not paid it back. If you want to lose your job, that is the way to

      do it. Never borrow money from your boss, or your friends. It will

      create bad blood, no matter what it seems on the surface. Pay him

      first, then the water bill, then the other bills. Anna

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      > Sent: Friday, August 15, 2008 8:30:13 AM

      > Subject: : One week till payday…

      > SO, Liss, if you’re reading, or anyone else for that matter…In

      October, I have a 3rd paycheck…. all of my bills are covered in

      the first and last check of October….and I’ve already budgeted my

      usual $100.00 for gas, from the 3rd one. What is the BEST way for me

      to use this money??? (This check is also devoid of insurance

      deductions.. which for me, a single plan, is minimal, but still

      every penny helps)


      > I have a medical bill, balance of $122.00

      > I owe the town on the water bill, balance of $125.00

      > I owe my boss the balance of the firewood money he lent


      > I have no money set aside for xmas, considering buying the kids a


      > I am going to need rear brakes, but parts only, my bf and i will

      do the labor ourselves.

      > Thought about paying the rest of the cars ins. for the year…

      > Marie in Vermont

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