One week till payday…

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      1. Get the brake parts.
      2. Pay the water, medical and boss bills, in that order

      Assuming the insurance is usually covered as part of your regular budget, put the restin the emergency fund, otherwise pay the insurance bill.
      4. Consider opening up a Christmas club account (a little late for this year but great for next year) if you’re not regularly setting aside money, it’s great forhigh ticket items. It’s also not a bad way to just save in general if you can’t be trusted to leave it be.


      — On Fri, 8/15/08, mp wrote:

      from: mp
      subject: : One week till payday…
      To: “budget101_”
      Date: Friday, August 15, 2008, 8:30 am

      Morning all…
      I just joined the forums at budget101, and started a blog.
      https://forums. budget101. com/blogs/ marievermont/ 25-one-week- till-payday. html

      if you don’t want to go there to read my question…i’m pasting it here:

      so, liss, if you’re reading, or anyone else for that matter…in october, i have a 3rd paycheck…. all of my bills are covered in the first and last check of October….and I’ve already budgeted my usual $100.00 for gas, from the 3rd one. What is the BEST way for me to use this money???

      (This check is also devoid of insurance deductions.. which for me, a single plan, is minimal, but still every penny helps)

      I have a medical bill, balance of $122.00
      I owe the town on the water bill, balance of $125.00
      I owe my boss the balance of the firewood money he lent me…$100.00
      I have no money set aside for xmas, considering buying the kids a Wii.
      I am going to need rear brakes, but parts only, my bf and i will do the labor ourselves.
      Thought about paying the rest of the cars ins. for the year…
      Also thought about putting it in savings…to go towards my $1000.00 emergency fund…(I do not trust myself to put it in savings connected to my checkbook, it’s TOO easy to use) I was considering giving it to my grandmother to put in her safe, or my parents etc…

      Thanks in advance for your suggestions/ input.

      Marie in Vermont (Where we’re finally expecting sun this weekend!!!!! !!!!!!)

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