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      I love to camp and my one thing I always loved as a kid is we didn’t bring dishes camping( as a kid I always had dish duty or as my marine father called it KP duty) we always cooked before hand useally bbq with sides we just ate cold food. So after I got married found out my husbands family packs up everything but the kitchen sink, only because it was attached to the house. I needed to get understand this need to cook like we were at home and gets him to scale back.

      I found a solution. One skillet breakfast.

      1 pd breakfast sausage

      3 or 4 medium potatoes sliced in quarter inch slices or bite sized

      8 or 9 eggs

      White gravy packet

      Everything can be omitted or new things added

      Start by cooking the sausage crumbled up with the potatoes

      When the potaoes are done add the eggs and scramble them in with rest of mix

      Mix up the gravy packet per instructions and add to mix after it is mixed up

      Cook a little longer till gravy starts to thicken

      Serve to hungry clan.

      I change what we use by what we have extra add cheese at the end, or add vegetables
      The options are endless I have even made it with sweet pototes before. It is an easy receipe that is more a guideline for easy breakfast with fast clean up.

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