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      Years ago I had a friend that was widowed with 2 small kids at the age

      of 50. Suddenly she was getting SS for the kids once a month and SHE

      was in charge of paying the bills for the first time.

      She paid all her bills as soon as she got the check. She bought a

      months supply of groceries (she made out menus) – she loved to bake and

      she had a garbage can (new) with sacks of sugar inside and another one

      with flour.

      She had envelopes with Groceries (for milk, bread, produce later in the

      month), haircuts, gasoline for car, special events (school pictures, or

      carnival, holidays), savings (usually she had something she was saving

      for) and that’s all I can remember now.

      She’d put the cash money in each envelope and then she put the

      envelopes in her locking freezer. Whatever she had left in her purse

      was all the spending money she had for the month.

      This system worked very well for her. KarenMO

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