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      This is what I woke up to on my Tomato PlantGaah

      and it ate a tomato..what do i do?…and is that gonna turn into a moth or butterfly?:drogar-shock(lbg):

      I don’t wanna Kill it:helpme:

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      It is a tomato hornworm. They turn into moths that are a mottled grey-brown with yellow spots. In the worm stage they will eat your tomato plants and sometimes the tomato itself, they also like eggplant plants, pepper plants and potato plants (I am sure there are other plants as well, but their favorite is the tomato).

      You do not want them in your garden! Where there is one you most likely will find more. The best thing to do is kill it (them)– just pick it off and put it in soapy water, or smash it.

      I know it is hard to kill some things but if you want your tomatoes it is necessary. Hope this helps. Happy Gardening!

      Thanks; Virginia

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      It’s a Very (TOO) Healthy Tomato Horn Worm, as virginia said, you Definitely want to find him and his 20 friends immediately. They will decimate your plants Literally overnight!! Where there is one, there are many. DE powder works great to get rid of them without chemicals.

      It grows into a “sphinx”, “hawk”, or “hummingbird” moth (depends on who you ask!)- and this is what they look like as Moths:

      Photo Credit:
      VegEdge: Vegetable IPM Resource for the Midwest

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      My Oldest son went out there and Picked the two off he saw…One was laying down already dead in the pot..Looked like a bird got Him…My Son killed the other one..I’ll keep a look out for more..Thanks For The help

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      I have seen a few of my tomatoes with the same kind of bite mark in them, I was not sure what kind of critter was eating them. I will have to look closer for some of these types of worms.

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      Tomato worms are the bane of anyone growing tomatoes.

      To control the tomato worms naturally there are things you can do to attract the Braconid wasp. They feed on bugs we generally hate to see in our gardens.

      If you ever see a tomato worm covered with what looks like white egg sacks, leave that one alone. It is carrying braconid wasps that are in their final metamorphosis. That worm is already doomed and so are most of the other tomato worms in the area.

      The adult wasps feed on nectar. Any flowering plant will do. I usually plant dill, fennel, parsley, stevia, basil, and thyme in with my tomatoes.

      These are enough to attract this wasp as well as several other kinds of beneficial insects.

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