OMG Snowman Spoon Ornaments

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      If you have a bunch of cheapie metal spoons, here’s a gorgeous way to transform them into adorable ornaments!

      these are really simple, you’ll need a can of cheap white spray paint, a thin black marker, a little bit of paint to make the nose and cheeks, and a small piece of fabric to make a hat.

      spraypaint the back of the spoons. let them dry and paint on the nose, eyes, eyebrows, etc.

      take a small square of fabric, roll up the bottom to create the edge of the hat, glue it into place.

      flip the spoon and hat over, wrap the rest of the material to form the hat and glue it into place. tie it with a piece of ribbon or yarn.

      fold the handle of the spoon down and hang the ornament in your tree!

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