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      Pixie Dust
      uses for frying, brushing, basting, marinades, and dressings, oils are made from vegetables, fruit, nuts, or seeds and are healthier than animal fats.
      *sunflower oil — verly light and neutral, virtually tasteless.. general-purpose that can be used for all cooking purposes
      olive oil — mildly fruity, but brands vary…mediterranean dishes, marinades, broiling, barbecuing, and sauteing
      **extra-virgin olive oil — peppery, fruity…for dressing salads and cold dishes, and sprinkling over hot foods just before serving

      bottled vinegars are a good buy, buy don’t display them on the kitchen windowsill or they will quickly lose their flavor.
      wine vinegar — red and white are mildly fruity…in dressings, sauces, and marinades
      cider vinegar — strong, like an acidic hard cider…as wine vinegar, but has a stronger taste, so use less

      *the oil mentioned above is the more expensive variety. the ‘ordinary, all-purpose’ vegetable oil is perfectly acceptable. however, if you don’t want anything to interfere with the taste of your meats and veggies, you’ll want to catch sunflower oil on sale.

      use it for the really special meals and you’ll be surprised at the difference!
      **try dipping toasted italian or french bread slices in this…wow!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Pantry Chat Oils and Vinegars