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      Last night I was helping my teenage son put the transmission back in his truck ( in so much as a mom can help) any way, not realizing it, I managed to drag my hair through a pool of SOME kind of auto fluid on the garage floor. I have washed my hair 4 times, and still the left side of my head looks and feels like it is saturated. Any suggestions?
      Obviously I have no knowledge of beauty / hair care ( or else why would I be crawling around under a Ford F-150 with my 16 year old right?) But when you have all stopped laughing and gasping for air, help would be appreciated.


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      I would give the No ‘Poo Shampoo a try and see if that works for you, it’s inexpensive and efficient.

      Budget101.com – – No ‘Poo Shampoo- Learn why I haven’t washed my hair in a year and you shouldn’t either!

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