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      I live in Massachusetts and there are programs that assist people with oil delivery — free tank of oil. I could sure use free oil but I know there are some people that are on their last dime so I don’t apply for free … But I would suggest you go to the local agencies and let them know your situation. Bets freezing and if you have children in that house someone may report your situation to DSS. I would not play with such a situation since you are in a dangerour situation. umm – assuming you are going to have to cut out lots of conveniences to make it work — like cell phone / internet/ cable ….

      kc collin wrote: Get some tension curtain rods and blankets and hang them in the doorways to block off rooms…plan to live in two rooms,,kitchen and living or family room….then do some of your baking and cooking for the week and that heats the kitchen. Get one of those radiant heaters….fire it up and get warm. hope that helps…you can put window quilts over your windows too..or you can put plastic on them with duct tape…good luck

      maria wrote: ok woke up this morning and found out that my gas tank is completely
      empty,I couldn’t afford the gas
      payment,so now my furnace is off,and
      we are cold!! I hae a hot plate to cook on but any ideas on how to
      keep warm until I get money to pay the gas for refill?

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