OH MY What NOW!!

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      Not trying to be judgemental but hopefully you are using a library

      computer… I can’t forsee paying for my internet service before my heat

      source. May be a good time to rework the budget also.

      Candles emit heat…. if you have any kerosene lamps or heaters, those

      work well… do you need gas to do baking? If not make some baked

      potatoes and then leave the oven door open. And actually… the less

      clothes and more skin contact you can have, the better. I know this

      may not be ideal with teenagers, but if you have small kids… this

      would work o.k. Call your local agencies and see what you can do for help.


      “One of the advantages of being disorderly

      is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.” A.A. Milne

      maria wrote:


      > ok woke up this morning and found out that my gas tank is completely

      > empty,I couldn’t afford the gas payment,so now my furnace is off,and

      > we are cold!! I hae a hot plate to cook on but any ideas on how to

      > keep warm until I get money to pay the gas for refill?



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