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      Gas and electric companies are Not heartless businesses. They are willing and have the resources to help out those who will say that they need help. Alot of people do not know that if they are OVER income for the local energy assistance agencies to help them that if they tell their gas company about their problems paying the bill that most of them have an account that has money for the “over income” customers. The company that I work for does a one time a year, $200.00 credit for those who fall in the gap of being over income for assistance in other areas but yet dont make enough to comfortably pay their heating bills. There are also lots of local agencies that will and can assist. The main thing is, when $$ is tight, dont be afraid or too proud to ask for help. And once the help is offered, don’t take advantage of it. I see so many times where someone will
      call in for a payment agreement or extension and then never make a payment. So we have to act a month or 2 later and disconnect their services and they turn around and try to make us out the bad man in the situation. If you make an arrangement, stick to it. If you cant, call us. Don’t just let the payments go unmade. Sorry so long winded, and I did contact the woman who was having a heating issue outside of the group post to offer her some suggestions. She is in the same boat as myself and heats with propane. That industry is a bit different than the natural gas one but they might also be willing to work with customers if they are told that there is a problem in the house hold.

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