OH MY What NOW!!

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      this is where friends come in

      keep the water running in the tub and in the kitchen sink to keep pipes from


      pack up and go stay with friends

      this is where you will discover who is really your friend or if family really


      Don’t be too proud of we will be reading of you in the paper.

      Ask for help since there are people that have money in the bank and are taking

      handouts whenever they can — that is something I am not tolerant of

      if you need the help someone’s heart will be moved and God will guide them to

      help you

      I will say a prayer for your family

      maria wrote:


      > ok woke up this morning and found out that my gas tank is completely

      > empty,I couldn’t afford the gas payment,so now my furnace is off,and

      > we are cold!! I hae a hot plate to cook on but any ideas on how to

      > keep warm until I get money to pay the gas for refill?

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