October 7-13

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      Sunday – bacon, eggs, and toast
      Monday – English muffin with cream cheese and cherry jam
      Tuesday – flat bread breakfast sandwich
      Wednesday – oatmeal with bananas
      Thursday – whole-grain waffles with bananas
      Friday – bacon sandwich
      Saturday – English muffin with cream cheese and cherry jam
      Total – $4.47

      Trail mix
      Triscuits and cheddar cheese
      Total — $2.00

      Sunday – taco wrap
      Monday – grilled chicken cubed with Ramen noodles
      Tuesday – grilled chicken over mixed greens
      Wednesday – grilled chicken wrap
      Thursday – taco wrap
      Friday – shrimp with Ramen noodles
      Saturday – shrimp over mixed greens
      Total — $2.50

      Sunday –baked chicken breasts with alfredo pasta, salad, and apple pie cake…$3.96
      Monday – brined roast turkey breast, roasted potatoes, and creamed corn…$7.47
      Tuesday – chicken and seafood paella, salad, and brownies…$10
      Wednesday – chicken ranch casserole and cherry cake…$3.49
      Thursday – chicken Gloria over mashed potatoes and salad…$5.97
      Friday – chicken pesto Caprese pasta…$1.99
      Saturday – classic Canadian Caesar cocktail, coconut-basil chicken curry, pasta, broccoli, and classic apple pie…$12.45
      Total — $45.33

      Total for the week — $54.30

      In case nobody noticed, my costs have gone up quite a bit and I’m adding desserts. My dexh has moved in with me and after a month, he reminded me that i used to make desserts. i took the hint!

      lol! with him, i no longer have leftovers, or just enough to ‘hide’ from him and use in a salad or casserole (i hide them under my ‘bags’ of salad greens [oh dear, if he reads this post, i’m in trouble!!!]). plus, the desserts…i don’t know how he does it, but cakes and pies disappear.

      brownies last longer because he freezes them after i bake them and eats them that way. he just lets me know when i need to make another batch! lol!

      and he doesn’t gain any weight! gasp!
      deadhorse  smilie

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      @mos 1100152 wrote:

      In case nobody noticed, my costs have gone up quite a bit and I’m adding desserts.

      LOL, I hear you on that! For some reason in the fall & winter we tend to add more desserts to the menu. I’ve found that mixing up a couple batches of cookie dough & freezing it into 6 individual logs makes it easy to throw together a quick dessert. I vacuum seal ours, (can’t stand anything to get freezer burned).

      What I want to know is.. how can THEY eat like that and not gain and we gain just by looking? LOL

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      Liss, I mentioned your idea about cookie dough so that he could have a steady supply of sweets at his disposal. He came back with that’s a lot of work! LOL!

      I disagree about the amount of work, but this was his alternative…instead of making ‘rolls’ of cookie dough, to fast freeze ‘balls’ of dough and then bag them. When the sweet tooth strikes, take out a few balls or so and bake for 10-12 minutes.
      Therefore, I think that when he wants cookies…I’ll let him do the laborgiggle smiley I’ll make the dough and then he can do what he wants.

      Cakes, pies, etc., I’ll continue to bake as his cakes come out like cement bricks and the pie crusts are like lead! lol!
      and like you said…how do they not gain an ounce when we gain a dozen per cooking minute???????

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