October 21-27

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      Sunday – bacon, basted eggs, and toast
      Monday – bacon sandwich
      Tuesday – breakfast burrito
      Wednesday – English muffin with cream cheese and cherry jam, and peach yogurt
      Thursday – maple and brown sugar oatmeal
      Friday – strawberry yogurt smoothie and apple slices
      Saturday – bacon, eggs, and toast
      Total – $2.97

      Trail mix
      Triscuits and Colby cheese
      Total — $.99

      Sunday – grilled chicken cubed with Ramen noodles
      Monday – grilled chicken over mixed greens
      Tuesday – grilled chicken wrap
      Wednesday – shrimp with Ramen noodles
      Thursday – shrimp over mixed greens
      Friday – shrimp wrap
      Saturday – grilled ham and cheese sandwich
      Total — $4

      Sunday –spinach lasagna, Italian bread, and s’mores* skillet dip…$4.47
      Monday – bacon-wrapped pork loin, buttered Brussels sprouts, rice, and s’mores* truffles …$7.96
      Tuesday – grilled chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, salad, and s’mores* doughnuts…$9.96
      Wednesday – fried pork chops, corn, rice, and s’mores* bark…$14
      Thursday – Italian sausage sandwiches, salad, and s’mores* toffee bark…$5.56
      Friday – grilled NY strip steaks, baked potatoes, sautéed kale, and s’mores* treats…$17.97
      Saturday – roast chicken stuffed with rice, salad, and s’mores* fudge…$7.96
      Total — $67.88

      Total for the week — $75.84

      Sweet potato bet…he won with the simple baked sweet potato. He topped them with baked apples, butter, and honey. They were fabulous!

      *We both had a taste for s’mores, but once again couldn’t agree so we came up with another competition. We both wanted to make s’mores bark so decided that we would make that together. I’ll let you know next week which was the best!
      Sandwich smilie

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