October 18-25

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      Sunday – frosted strawberry Pop Tarts
      Monday – grits and eggs
      Tuesday – Life cereal with milk and blackberries
      Wednesday – pb&j toast
      Thursday – egg salad on brioche
      Friday – apple-cinnamon fruit bar
      Saturday – breakfast salad with blackberries, mandarin oranges, and strawberries
      Total – $0

      Mandarin oranges
      Melba toast
      Townhouse Crackers and American cheese
      Trail mix
      Total — $.33

      Sunday – leftover veggie pasta bake
      Monday –fried chicken salad sandwich
      Tuesday – leftover wings and pasta
      Wednesday – leftover Mexican casserole
      Thursday – leftover ground beef taco
      Friday – leftover Santa Fe stew
      Saturday – leftover tuna pasta
      Total — $.99

      Sunday – ham and potato hash with salad…$2.97
      Monday – chicken in oyster sauce and veggie fried rice…$4.98
      Tuesday – skillet chicken and dumplings with Brussels sprouts…$3
      Wednesday – Carolina bog and biscuits…$9.98
      Thursday – Baharat spiced beef stew and crusty bread…$11.98
      Friday – chicken and veggie fried rice…$0
      Saturday – whole roasted chicken, wild rice, CA veggies, and peanut butter-banana crepes…$6
      Total — $38.73

      Total for the week — $40.05

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