Oatmeal Milk Bath

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      1 c. corn starch
      2 c. powdered milk
      1/2 c. baking soda
      1/2 c. oatmeal, ground finely (I do mine in the blender:))

      Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. You can add a drop or two of essential oil if you wish (just be sure to mix it well). Place in jar. To use, add about 3 tablespoons to bath.

      This makes a nice gift 🙂

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      Janice Terrell

      This is very soothing. It’s very good for sunburn. Thanks

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      Youre welcome. It also works great for chicken pox. I put some in an old pair of knee high panty hose and let my d scrub with it when she had them. She loved her bath and it was safe for her when she stuck it in her mouth 🙂


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      i take oatmeal baths in the winter to help with my dry itchy skin. it also makes my hair a little less dry and brittle. thanks for this!

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      Your welcome KawaiiGiggle…it beats Aveeno 🙂

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      oh i know!! the boxes if a 6 pack is like 8 dollars! my husband laughs at me because he’ll tell me to go splurge on something for me, and only me.. so i come home with a pack of pantyhose and 2 big canisters of oatmeal and unscented bath salts and epsom salts so i can make my own bath stuffs.. he just laughs and says “at least i know you won’t send me to the poor house from shopping.” LOL!!

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      LOL…My hubby acts the same way LOL LOL LOL he now believe that baking soda and vinegar are cleaners from the gods 🙂

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      glad to know i’m not alone on this. LOL!!

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      Thanks so much for ths. I also have very dry skin in the winter. I will have to try this

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      Your welcome carolee. Hope it helps.

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      I am diabetic, and naturally have dry skin, but I also live in an area with very bad water, so my skin is extra extra dry, even to the point of splitting now and then. My question is, would the baking soda in this make my skin even dryer? I hope not, cause this sounds absolutely fabulous!

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      i use just oatmeal in an old pair of panty hose sometimes. the oatmeal feels amazing on dry skin.. i love it. i don’t think the baking soda would be drying. but it could do something with the water.. like have a drying effect.. but try it! ya never know!

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      My question is, would the baking soda in this make my skin even dryer? I hope not, cause this sounds absolutely fabulous!

      If you do have bad water, the baking soda might help-would make the water softer if it is hard. I have a son with Eczema to the point his skin cracks on his hands sometimes, the oatmeal and baking soda seem to really help him as a preventive. I don’t use the baking soda for him if his skin is cracked because it might sting some.

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      mardhines, I have used it without the baking soda and it seems to work just as well.

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      Janice Terrell

      I, too, have used plain oatmeal. It does feel so good on dry skin. It also works well as a facial mask. Just apply, wait 10-15 mins. & wash off. Feels wonderful. Oatmeal is good for you inside and out!

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      Thanks so much for this great post…my skin has really become so dry !!!!

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