Oat and Almond Face Polish

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      Oat and Almond Face Polish

      1 cup rolled oats
      1/4 cup fine cornmeal
      1/4 cup unsalted sliced almonds
      1 tablespoon granulated sugar

      Pulse oats, cornmeal, almonds and sugar in food processor or blender until finely ground but not completely powdered. Rub mixture with fingertips to check consistency, pulse again for desired consistency. (For facial use, consistency should be very gently abrasive.)

      Using funnel or paper cone, pour mixture into clean, dry 12 oz. (1 1/2 cup) decorative container with tight fitting lid. Seal container.

      Cover top of container with fabric, if desired. Attach gift tag to jar.

      Note: Recipe can be halved, doubled or tripled to fill different size container. The finished quantity of the polish will vary slightly based on the grain size and moisture content of the oats and cornmeal. Some settling will occur in the container.

      For a soothing and gently smoothing facial, wet your face with warm water. Pour about a tablespoon into the palm of your hand. Rub gently on your face in small, circular motions, avoiding the delicate eye area.

      Rinse with warm water, then with cool water. Blot dry. Use once a week for best results.


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      I know just the person who could use this!! Thanks!!

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      What a great idea. Thanks 🙂

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      For anyone who has never used any kind of homamade oatmeal facial products, I highly recommend it. Leaves your skin incredibly soft.

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      Did you make some for yourself? I haven’t tried it yet, but plan on it real soon. Been to busy to stop and try lately.

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      I haven’t made this one but have made a similar one in the past. It was wonderful. It’s the oatmeal.

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      Sound delightful. Really like the input on this one.

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      Thanks for this recipe. I have all the ingredients, so will make it tomorrow. Looking forward to trying it.

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      Margaret K, let us know how this one works for you ,THKS.

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      Had fully intended to make this up right away, but guess what? DH is out of Almonds so I will have to wait until next week to do it. Will post as soon as I use it

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      Sliced almonds are a little pricey so keep us in mind and let us know how it works. 🙂

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      Update on the Oat and Alkmond face polish. Very easy to make & very quick to make. Used it on my face & the good news is it really works!

      Go for it.

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      Sounds lovely but I’d worry about the oil in the almonds on my skin. It’s so much fun to have teenager-type oily skin in your thirties! lol

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      Try making it without the almonds. I still say it’s the oatmeal that makes this so wonderful. The cornmeal would act as an exfolient.

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      I made some, I loved it. It really made my face feel soft. My skin as been dry lately, no matter oh much lotion I put on it.

      But this seem to help alot. So I also used it on my forearm and elbow area, my skin isn’t itchy anymore. Also I found some cheap almonds at the Dollar Tree for a dollar, and they worked just fine.

      Don’t know if they were fresh or not, but it didn’t seem to matter much. This would make a great gift too.

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      The winters here really dry the skin. Thanks Margaret, for the update. Will have to try this one.

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      I don’t think the Almonds are needed if you have oily skin-just leave them out. The Almonds will help with dry skin. Our winters dry most people’s skin.

      I am also going to try some on my legs & arms. Thanks for that tip. Alll help appreciated.

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