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      Hello everyone,

      Here is my question. I want to get into OAMC, or even OAWC but I have a tiny little freezer. (Currently full of a turkey, bought at 39 cents a lb:redface:) My fridge is missing half it’s shelves, so I am limited there. (The joys of a living in a rental).

      My pantry is really small too, but I added a shelving unit to the dining area to make up for it. So really, my pantry space is the most flexible of the 3 food storage areas.

      I have most of the items listed on mos’s Pantry Basics list. I am looking for recipes that I can “pre-make” but store in the pantry. I love all the jar mix recipes, but I don’t own any jars and my local Freecycle hasn’t been able to help.

      Could I make the jar recipes and put them in plastic bags? I’m also wanting to be able to take this type of stuff to work, so any recipes that end with “add water and microwave” are probably the best for me.

      Anyways, thanks for any advice and recipes that are given.

      Shannon :120103_emTE32_prv (

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      I have stored the items in bags and they still work.
      Make Your Own Mixes and Convenience Foods
      This spot on the site has some wonderful cup mixes-soups (the potato soup is delicious).

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      I found that one, and it did look good. I’ve been looking through some of the other recipes to see if there are more that I can use. The only thing is that most of the mixes shown are for desserts or sweets.

      I’m still digging though.


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      I’m glad you like my pantry list;-) it took a gazillion years to develop! LOL! do you have any family owned or small restaurants in your area? if so visit them and make friends with the owners, even if you only get a cup of soup or a basket of french fries. after a couple of visits and you’re feeling pretty comfortable with the staff, ask if they could save their containers for you. no need to wash ’em, you can do that. they purchase larges jars of all sorts of things and then just toss them. the jars are perfect for storage and their free! my home burned down last year so I’m in the process of collecting items myself. I keep my biscuit/baking mix (see the breakfast forum) in a huge glass pickle jar. it took a couple of washings and air drying in the sun to get rid of the odor but it’s what I’ve used for years! like Kim, I also use bags, but I love the jars that I get from restaurants;-) you said that your pantry area is small…you can store jars anywhere! LOL! got a corner in a closet? can you place something behind a couch or chair so that it’s out of site? be creative hun-ney! there’s no rules that say it HAS to be in the kitchen;-)

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      I’m in Raleigh, just like you!

      However, I tend to eat at The Barbeque Lodge in MiniCity and Gypsy’s in Cary, so the next time that I’m there I’ll be sure to ask.

      I am sorry about your home. I know what it’s like, as I went through a fire in 2004. I’m still trying to get things back that I lost during it.

      The shelving unit in my dining area is about the best I can do. There is only one closet in my downstairs, which is crammed full. Next in line is putting things under the bed. I’m just worried that I’d forget what I put there!

      Thanks for your advice,

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      Where can I find mos pantry list?


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      You can find it here.

      I had found it by going to the Pantry Chat link from the Home page. I was trying to read up on some of the posts before asking my questions.


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      way cool!
      so sorry that you were in a fire, too! it is such a pain to deal with…I was thinking that replacing items wouldn’t be a problem;- but while I was busy using all the things in my home and enjoying them, the prices of everything went up! I couldn’t believe that I was having to ‘save money’ just to buy a toaster! geez! don’t get me started…I’ll rant for hours! LOL! do you have some place in your kitchen that you keep notes or something that you would refer to often? if so, start an inventory list of stuff outside the kitchen and you’ll always be able to locate it when you need it. just remember to check the inventory list so you know where to return it;-) my sister has one of those inexpensive small round tables with the cloth over it (you know the ones that I’m talking about) right outside of her kitchen. she has a cute little decorative lamp on it and nothing else. but under that tablecloth she keeps all of her ‘breakfast mixes’ in pickle jars! each one is labeled with the recipes for whatever the mix will make. the labels are for her, the recipes are for her husband on the rare occasion he gets up early and wants to make breakfast. the best part is no one has a clue except the three of us! now…your turn…go forth and be creative!!!

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      at camp I am missing my fridge drawers, I use dish pans and plastic containers from Dollar Store – measure your space

      I make pizza usually once a week, I have a plastic shoe box filled with the goodies/toppings. Just pull and I have everything on the counter. This also works if you do lots of sandwiches. I finally found one of the egg bins at the dump (skinnier than the shoebox, and taller) it fits over 2 1/2 dozen eggs in less space than the flat of eggs

      if you are in a small town make nice nice with the guys at the dump .. They get in fridges all the time, some may have the same kind of racking as yours (write down the model, take measurements)

      the racking systems on many of them are the sames as what you use for shelving in the house if you have this type you can buy the shelf arms and put in a shorter rack using closet shelving and quick ties.

      You can use plastic bags but they can easily be attacked by bugs. Some bug eggs are present in foods we buy, some are in the cardboard packaging. I tend to put everything in jars.

      If you are using shelving for items, sometimes you really need to split the shelf height in half because you have shorter items

      Use shoeboxes for the same type of items (teas, spices, package mixes, etc) plastic holds up, but cardboard ones that have been reenforced and covered look better

      If you made friends with the guys at the dump, you can probably raid the old fridges for the rack supports and racks these can work in pantry areas too .. Bring a screwdriver (the kind with multiple heads), a flat razor (sometimes it a bit tough to realease the uprights from the gunk), pair of gloves


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      HSLINKS, you have some really good ideas here.

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      Great ideas. Sure wouldn’t have thought of them myself. Thanks.

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      I’ll definantly check out the idea about finding the replacement shelves and egg bins. Right now I’ve got a piece of wood acting as a shelf in my fridge, so I could really use some old shelves.

      I didn’t know that bugs could get into ziploc bags. Has anyone else had a problem with this? I’ve been using ziplocs for whenever I have cookies or something similar. I’ll keep looking for jars, though.

      Thanks everyone for the wonderful advice.

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      I haven’t had any problems with the bags. But then cookies don’t last long in my house :D. I do use a lot of the ziploc storage boxes for because they will snap close.

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      I was at Kroger earlier today when I met a really nice women in front of the canning supplies. I was there starting a price book of jars/lids/accessories/etc. She started telling me her opinions on how some of the jell powders work. I explained that I was just starting to get into storing food in jars. I asked her if she knew of anywhere that had less expensive jars locally. She then offered to give me some of her excess jars! :dance:

      She is bringing them to my store after the holidays. Hopefully, I can become friends with her and have a mentor through the canning season.


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      Sounds like you have made a new friend. How wonderful to have a mentor close by. And then for her to give you a supply to start your new experience also. How nice..She might also like the site here, you might invite her to stop in.. Keep us udated with your new adventure…Good Luck…

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      I just read on another site…shhh…about a lady that used her 3-liter drink bottles to store dried beans, peas, and rice. she said that they were the perfect size to pour ingredients from and to store. that size and style container should be easy enough to hide someplace, too!

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      It would drive me nuts trying to get beans in that little opening LOL. I use the canning jars.


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      @wilbe95 94241 wrote:

      I haven’t had any problems with the bags. But then cookies don’t last long in my house :D. I do use a lot of the ziploc storage boxes for because they will snap close.

      I’m with you! Cookies don’t last long in my house either! 🙂

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      @mos 99275 wrote:

      I just read on another site…shhh…about a lady that used her 3-liter drink bottles to store dried beans, peas, and rice. she said that they were the perfect size to pour ingredients from and to store. that size and style container should be easy enough to hide someplace, too!

      You could probably use 20 oz bottle too. Or 1 liter bottles. That way they’re smaller & easier to “fit” wherever you can.

      You could store, beans, lentils, small pastas, rice. Pretty good idea! I may have to try this one!

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      I don’t drink soft drinks, so I may have to petition friends that do. with the economy as it is, I may increase my ‘bean’ comsumption! lol!

      and that means storage!

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      I have been working on a project for jar-dinners. I have two books with some recipes and am seeing what ones can be converted. I would love help if anyone comes up with any new ones.

      Ill try to get some posted. By the way yes baggies are fine. so are doller tree containers.

      i found big pantery containers at the dolar tree for several years. now we bought a house with shelfe spaceing that use the medium ones and cant find any of them any more. I hope they get them back.

      they have several time befor.

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