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      Inexpensive nursery decorating ideas

      Having a baby can be expensive. There are many new expenses that you and your spouse may now have to add into your budget. One of those expenses is baby’s room.

      Your baby might sleep with you for the first few months of its life, but it eventually will probably have its own bedroom, and that will need to be decorated accordingly. But there is no reason why the baby’s room needs to cost you a fortune.

      Your baby is not picky. Children do not care if you buy their things at the most expensive place in town, or the cheapest place in town. Take advantage of this.

      There’s no need to spend the most you possibly can on everything for baby.

      Once you have and keep the mindset that baby is not picky and inexpensive places are just as good as very expensive places, then it will be much easier for you to not spend a fortune on baby’s room.

      The first thing to do is probably scour the newspapers for garage sales. Garage sales and moving sales will often have very cheap baby clothes (often fifty cents per piece of clothing!), and baby furniture. If the baby furniture looks decent and is still up to today’s safety standards and has not been recalled, you might want to pick it up, if it’s a good price!

      Even if it’s not the best looking thing, you can pick it up and fix it up yourself. Go and buy some cheap paint and stencils, and it might look better than it did when it was new! And, as an added bonus, your child will get a kick out of the fact that you purposely decorated it for him/her!

      It will not only be cheap and a fun activity for you to work on, but it will also have a lot of sentimental value to your child later!

      After you pick up some stuff at garage sales, there are still many more places to go. The next place might be an arts and crafts store. These places usually have very cheap things that you can make yourself.

      You can probably make a nice, cheap latchhook design for baby’s wall. Even if you just buy some basic, boring looking wooden things, such as decorations, fans, picture frames, dressers, you can then also buy decorations and paints for cheap at the arts and crafts store. Pick up some yarn and knitting needles.

      Then, go to the local library and get out a book on knitting. You will be able to make baby clothes, blankets, scarves, hats, and more! Maybe you will even learn how to make a stuffed animal!

      Of course, for that, you would need a few more odds and ends at the arts and crafts store.

      Don’t forget about discount stores and dollar stores! A lot of times, dollar stores also have very cheap arts and crafts supplies, as well as cheap baby supplies, like bottles, pacifiers, toys, and rattles.

      There’s no need to go to more expensive stores when discount stores also often have the very same products except cheaper, and sometimes they have the same products with just a generic name, instead of a brand name. Brand name does not always equal better. Discount stores also often have cheaper wallpaper and patterns for walls then more expensive stores, when they are even the same wallpaper!

      For example, if you see the cutest little Noah’s Ark wallpaper in an expensive store, go to a discount store and see if you can’t find the same pattern for a few dollars cheaper at a discount store. It pays to compare prices.

      Also, the Salvation Army sometimes has some really good things in it. If you really look for bargains and deals, you will more than likely find them.

      Written by Ariane Seifert
      Date: Fri Jun 28, 2002 7:51 am
      Subject: Tips-n-Tricks: Decorating Nursery Cheaply

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