November 22-28

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      Sunday – breakfast salad with blackberries and mandarin oranges
      Monday – Chia pudding with blackberries
      Tuesday – chocolate peanut-pecan protein bar
      Wednesday – fried egg sandwich on potato bread
      Thursday – bacon and grits
      Friday – Life cereal with milk and blackberries
      Saturday – pb&j toast
      Total – $.57

      Mandarin oranges
      Melba toast
      Townhouse Crackers and Swiss cheese
      Trail mix
      Total — $0

      Sunday – leftover carbonnaise
      Monday –leftover pizza
      Tuesday – leftover fried chicken
      ednesday – leftover Asian chicken
      Thursday – leftover bratwurst
      Friday – leftover turkey wings
      Saturday – pork loin sandwich
      Total — $2

      Sunday – Italian stew over rice…$8.70
      Monday – cheeseburger casserole and salad…$4.77
      Tuesday – Southern-style tuna fish salad sandwiches and chicken noodle soup…$4.17
      Wednesday – Crockpot onion soup mix pot roast…$11.97
      Thursday – roast duck, Italian stuffing, creamed spinach, and chorizo sweet potato casserole…$16.47
      Friday – brie and cranberry cheese ball, assorted crackers and dips, veggie platter…$3.87
      Saturday – fettuccini carbonnaise and buttered cauliflower…2.97
      Total — $53.47

      Total for the week — $56.02

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