November 18-24

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      Sunday – poached eggs over toast
      Monday – breakfast burrito
      Tuesday – Denver omelet in a biscuit
      Wednesday – English muffin sandwich with sausage, egg, and cheese
      Thursday – sausage, egg, and cheese bagel
      Friday – veggie-sausage biscuit
      Saturday – bacon and fried egg sandwich
      Total – $1.16

      Mandarin oranges
      Trail mix
      Triscuits and Swiss cheese
      Total — $2.50

      Sunday – leftover pork loin with gravy, noodles, salad, and million dollar pie
      Monday – spinach lasagna (from the freezer)
      Tuesday – chicken roll-ups
      Wednesday – grilled chicken over mixed greens
      Thursday – chicken vegetable soup and crusty bread
      Friday – spinach lasagna (from the freezer)
      Saturday – leftover fried chicken, rice pilaf, and salad
      Total — $0

      Sunday – Monte Cristo sandwich and salad…$1.62
      Monday – parmesan-tuna sandwiches and broccoli cheese soup…$4.68
      Tuesday – oven-baked burgers and salad…$4.17
      Wednesday – rainbow soup and crusty bread…$5.98
      Thursday – roasted turkey, Italian stuffing (NO style ;-D), gravy, baked sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes (HE doesn’t like sweet, so I make enough white mashed potatoes for him), baby corn, salad, and pumpkin-caramel cobbler…$11.12
      Friday – slow cooker roast beef, New England style and crusty rolls…$5.98
      Saturday – tuna-noodle casserole and salad…$5.98
      Total — $39.53

      Total for the week — $43.19
      Smile, its spring!

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