November 17-23

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      Sunday — baked noodle casserole and salad…$2.97
      Monday — sautéed chicken thighs, rice and gravy, corn…$8.91
      Tuesday — spinach and chicken bake, peas and carrots…$7.86
      Wednesday — meatloaf, roasted potatoes, and mixed veggies…$14.01
      Thursday — hot dogs (chicken) with all of the fixin’s and French fries (baked, of course)…$4.47
      Friday — Tuesday’s leftovers…$0
      Saturday — shrimp gumbo from the freezer…$0
      Total from the mark-down bin this week…$38.22. It just amazes me that I have to pay more — even in the mark-down bin — for ground beef than chicken!
      What’s everyone else paying for next week’s menus?!!
      lalala  smilie

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