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      First find out where the hotel is located
      you'll be staying at and then post where
      it's located. Good chance someone will be familiar with the are.(I've lived most of
      my life in the SF area and 4 in the la area
      before moving to arkansas a few years ago) it will surprise
      you how cheaply you can eat in la and
      there's a good change of a market near
      by. The prices are much better in a Calif.
      metro area than here in Arkansas…more
      choices in Calif.

      On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 12:47 PM, Jenny Darocha <> wrote:

      Hello all!
      My husband has a business trip to la next week and i am going with him (we live in nc so this is like another planet for me).
      we will be there from tues- sunday. the hotel and flight is arranged, but we are on our own for most meals. i am afraid that we will end up spending a ton and would like to either bring our own in a checked bag on the plane, or mail it to ourselves at the hotel.

      the only problem is that i am having trouble thinking of foods we can pack beyond crackers, chips, and pb & j!! do any of you have any cheap meal ideas that would keep well if there is no refrigerator in our room?
      i thought about going to a grocery store after we arrive, but we are not getting a rental car and i hate to pay for a taxi to do that.
      any other ideas on how to save money on food while traveling??
      thanks so much!!

      ps- i already have some “meal replacement bars” to take in my purse for the days we are traveling. but i don't think we can live off those all week. 😉

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